ANGKOR MEMORY TOUR is a locally established company by a high experience Cambodian
who has been in Hotel Business for seventeen years before opening my own company on 08/ August/ 2016
ANGKOR MEMORY TOUR is the youngest Inbound Tour Operator in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Land of Angkor Wat,
we are strongly motivated and handling efficiently inbound operator.
Due to our most reliable services, efficiencies in all needs of the customers,
we become one of the most successful and youngest travel companies in Cambodia.


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Why Travel With Us?

  1. We are a local guide. We know the most interesting and beautiful places in the greater Siem Reap area.
  2. We will help you find the best spots for taking memorable photos.
  3. We always offer our best service on your trip of a lifetime.
  4. We will make your trip easy, fun and unforgettable and take care of everything.You just enjoy!
  5. Tour prices can be adjusted according to what you request. Very affordable prices and excellent value from an experienced guide for your visit!
  6. All of your money flows directly to local people
  7. We know the best time to visit in order to avoid crowded
  8. Always make your trip easy, safe, fun and enjoyable
  9. We work honestly
  10. We are professional photographers